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“The Ball & Cord”

* Cabaret This Is Your Knife

'Ghost in A Box'

'Harlequin' Card Box

'Jap Box' * Mahogany

'The Ghost'Card Fountain (2011)

'The Shennong' Bran Vase

Aluminium Briefcase Table

Aluminium Close Up.Cabaret Table

Apollo's Torch

Baffle Box

Ball & Silk Vase

Ball & Silk Vase Boxed Edition

Balls Up

Bish Bash Bosh

Bish Bash Bosh (Regular)

Bomb Proof

Box Clever Stage Edition

Boxed Magic Set (Six Edition)

Cabaret Box Top Show Table with ‘Drop Down Shelf’…

Cabaret Table (Round Edition)

Card Box *Steam Punk

Card Box 'Burr' Special Edition

Card Display Table

Chinese Chop Sticks

Classic Billet Knife

Classic Coin Stand (Dollar Edition)

Classic Drawer Box

Colin Rose's 'Money Machine'

Comedy Levitation Combo

De-Luxe Cabaret Table Black Edition

De-Luxe Cabaret Table Red Edition

De-Luxe Flash Frame

Display Table & Bag Combo

Dollar Wand & Coin Stand Combo

Egg Drop Trick

Enchanted Tweezers

Enchanted Tweezers (American Dollar Edition)

Harlequin 'Inflato' Money Machine

Harlequin 'Mini Money Machine'

Hoffman Coin Wand

Jumbo Flash Frame

Jumbo Flash Frame (Remote Edition)

Jumbo Spot Card

La Petite Grande Bergeron (Blanc)

Large Card Display Table

Large Close up Table

Large Table Top Combo with Twin Bags

Linking Rings Table Attachment

Miracle Flash Frame

No Dice (Classic)

Orange & Rice Vase

Patrick Page's Self Working 3 Cards Across (Transpo Tray)

Razor Blade Illusion

Razor Blade Illusion (Boxed Edition)

Rectangle Cabaret Table Combo

Ring a Ring a Rosie & Ring Vanish

Russian Roulette Combo

Silk Wand

Small Table Top Combo with Twin Bags

Spirit Slates

The 'Manse' Ball Vase

The 'Mini' Money Machine

The 'Ridge' Chop Cup

The 'Rose' Rising Card in Box

The Anniversary Boxed Magic Sets

The Classic Coin Stand

The Dancing Cane

The Ebony & Ivory Ball Vase

The Eruptor (Single)

The Victorian Block & Cord

The Victorian Block Penetration

The Victorian Block Penetration (Exotic Woods/Boxed Version)

The Victorian Card Stand

Victorian Block & Cord (Speckled Beech)

Wayne Dobson's Box Clever

Wayne Dobson's Jumbo Smash & Stab

Wayne Dobson's Magician's Table

Wayne Dobson's Smash & Stab

Wayne Dobson's Teach A Card Trick

Wayne Dobson's This is Your Knife

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