'Jap Box' * Mahogany

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The Five of Hearts ‘Jap’ Box

The origins of this are not clear, but it is without doubt very old. The apparatus is in two parts, firstly a box with no top and no bottom… secondly a thin tray which this box sits on. After showing both of these pieces to the audience you place the box onto the tray and then proceed to pull out a number of silks one after the other… alternatively you show the box empty, produce a silk, place it back into the box and it disappears .

With a little bit of thought and an entertaining story line you can bring this old classic back to life again… and let’s face it… if it was good enough for the great David Devant, then who are we to let it die!

This particular edition has been hand crafted by Colin, made from Mahogany/Sapele or similar and finished to an extremely high standard…Order yours today … another Five of Hearts Masterpiece


*Sizes are approximate and may differ slightly from the illustrated version

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