The 'Rose' Rising Card in Box

Product Code: FOHM/FOH111

The Rising Card is one of the most truly magical of all the effects that we have inherited from our Magic Masters from the past… we shall never know who the real genius was for we are given on the best authority by Robert Houdin that his name has been long given over and lost to time itself… but over the years many have offered their thinking and contribution to this magical presentation. At last Colin Rose has taken a closer look at this ‘Classic of Magic’ and created just for you another performance masterpiece.

This beautiful issue is mechanical and housed in one of our signature ‘jointed boxes’ which conceals the real magic and thinking behind this particular presentation.
Once again Colin has created a beautiful piece of apparatus with all the atmosphere and wonder of this magical spectacle, add to this your own preferred presentation and you have a memorable effect to add to your show… and one which your audience will never forget. “The Rose Rising Card Box” is destined to become a Collectable and for this reason each one will be numbered and have the Five of Hearts Stamp/Logo & Certificate of Provenance… they will be made to order by Colin and you should allow at least 4 weeks.

..."Colin has been playing around with this Rising Card Box for quite a while, this is really lovely, the mechanical movement is pure genius and the timing movement is just perfect to create the right atmosphere ahead of the lid coming up slowly to reveal the chosen card... the inside workings of this issue are almost as beautiful as the Mahogany Jointed Box that conceals the's a real shame you can't show it to the audience... they would love it almost as much as the trick itself...
Colin used to have a lovely one in his collection (which he has now sold) was lovely too and used a more traditional method but Colin felt it could be improved from a performance perspective making it less 'hit & miss' and much easier to with his love of all things 'Mechanical' this is the result...and I have to tell you ..Even I was impressed with this one "... Sharron

Approximate Sizes::  5" x 5 1/2 " x 4"

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