The Victorian Card Stand

Product Code: FOHM/VIC40

Everyone Loves a Card Trick!But Sometimes the Audience cannot see the cards because for the most part they are laying down on a table , or they have to be held up by The Magician as part of the performance...and with a seated audience this is hopeless!....Now lets go back a hundred years to The Victorian Parlour Performances, where the Magician held his audience captive in candle lit parlours, heavy draped Salons where the good & the great enjoyed a magical after dinner entertainment...using Elegant & Stylish Hand Crafted Magical Apparatus and Accessories to enhance & elevate thier magic performances... 

This beautiful crafted Card Stand, simple in design, made from solid hard wood, is a practical way to display your Cards or Envelopes. The Base is Square with a Baize Underlay, with cut side edges rising to a circular centre with two complimentary turned shoulders...the Central Knop is three turned Beads which support the Stand...50cm in Length with aprofessional machined 'slot'

* This Card Stand is perfect for Corporate, Motivational Speaking, Children's Entertainers,Mentalism,Stage & Cabaret...and of course Classic Parlour Magic...a simple & straight forward accessory that every Magician can use. Not just for Cards, but for 'Choice' Envelopes, Photographs ...whatever you need to display for your Audience in your Magic ...

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