* Cabaret This Is Your Knife

Product Code: FOH/FOHM130

*Cabaret ‘This is Your Knife’  

I decided to re-visit this idea, This is Your Knife in its original Stage Illusion format proved very popular but I always felt there was room for a more compact version which would lend itself to a Cabaret Setting where less space was available…this brand new edition offers all the excitement and suspense of a Grand Stage Illusion but more suited for today’s ‘worker’ Magician and the more intimate venue …

So with that in mind the new compact version does not have a stand but in its place a very simple polished wooden plinth which you can sit on any table with the knives beautifully displayed…In place of the hinged number board as featured on the Stage Edition I have taken a piece of plastic which slots into the plinth after the knives have been shown and displayed… a separate balsa wood board is supplied with this edition which can be placed on a table or on the floor and enables you to achieve the same dramatic ending as with the original Stand.

As for the effect… everything remains the same, all you have to do is wait for thunderous applause when the audience discover that once again ‘The Magician’ has cheated death…

This is a Routine you will use and with the current fascination with mentalism it is a sure fire winner and very hard to beat as a ‘Finale’ for your next Show…


You Receive:

Five Crafted Knives (Hardwood) with Polished Aluminium Blades & Livery…Presented in a Carry Case

Number Board 1-5 with Display Plinth in a Corduroy Bag

Editions may vary from the illustrated version

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