Razor Blade Illusion

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The Razor Blade Illusion

This classic magic effect has been with us for quite some time and is a superb effect which commands total audience attention coupled with a degree of ‘fear factor’ too...A popular signature effect and reputation maker, but up till now never really presented as a high end quality magic effect...

You are seen to place a number of separate razor blades into your mouth one at a time...you show your audience their sharpness by cutting pieces of paper with one clean cut. You now appear to swallow the blades by drinking some water...after which you now place a length of cotton thread into your mouth as well...now comes the moment for your audience’s stunned reaction as you slowly and deliberately pull a stream of tied razor blades from your mouth one by one.

This Edition has been beautifully hand turned (illustrated edition is in Bubinga) and has a circular base with a blade box and turned column for the blade display stand. There is a solid polished brass pin for the Cotton Reel and finished with Brass Trim & Detail.  The Circular Upright Blade Display is detachable and as part of your presentation you can now lift the stand from off the column and move amongst your audience and demonstrate further the sharpness of the blades, adding further tension and heightening the finale when you produce the blades from your mouth...

After your performance this illusion packs flat for storage and easy transportation

Please Note we do not provide the Razor Blades

Boxed Edition Available

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