Wayne Dobson's Smash & Stab

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Wayne Dobson's Smash & Stab  (Regular)

*The Original & Authentic Edition created by Wayne Dobson & Colin Rose...

This is a Brand New 'Mini Illusion'... that has been recently added to 'A Kind of Magic' range of effects & ideas. We received a lot of interest in 'This Is Your Knife'... Wayne's Stage Illusion based on Russian Roulette but using Daggers instead of a Gun... "Smash & Stab" is the Close Up / Cabaret version. There are four hand turned wooden discs... one has a polished aluminium spike, the remaining three are blank... each disc has a distinct 'Pyrography' detail on it's outer rim, not only adding to the beauty and appearance of the prop, but this system also conceals the method of 'sighting' and detecting the disc with the spike 'in performance'. Included are four numbered cards, a "Smash & Stab" sign and a wooden plinth, Wallet & Polystyrene Cups along with Wayne's Routine and Performance Notes... Once again you have all the comedy and fun that it's creator is noted for.


Ideal for Close Up, Stage and Cabaret. Hand Crafted in Selected Quality Hard Woods... A versatile Magic Prop which can be played for Comedy or High Drama... whichever way you choose you will leave your Audiences 'Spellbound'!





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