“The Ball & Cord”

Product Code: FOHM/VIC12

“The Ball & Cord”
(Segmented Edition)


This is a ‘Contemporary’ Version of our ‘Victorian Block & Cord’…we were asked to create this ‘segmented’ wooden ball for one of our Customers in 2006, the woods used are Beech & Mahogany, the ball measures approx 3" - 4" and is subject to wood stock & variety available at the time of making …this highly visual routine has served a long apprenticeship in Parlor and Stage Magic, but has always been a favorite of many Magician’s since it offers great audience participation and magical entertainment in it’s purest form…
The Wooden Ball is shown to the Spectator and then the rope is passed through the centre hole and a knot is tied to secure it…as if by magic the ball seems to melt through the rope and fall onto the table…leaving the rope in tact…there are many ‘methods’ well documented to perfect this routine for your Magic…this beautiful hard wood ball presented in our signature corduroy bag is another unique addition to our Collection for you to enjoy…

*We now offer with both The Ball & Block Version of the Effect, a wonderful routine kindly supplied by Doug Edwards, giving you another perspective on this wonderful ‘Classic of Magic…

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