Large Close up Table

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The Large ‘Close Up Table’…

As with so many of our products they begin as a ‘commission’ and this was recently requested by one of our Customers who had previously bought the smaller edition… it had become such an integral part of his magic that he came back for an even bigger version… having now received several enquiries we have decided to add it to our Collection of Accessories… so for those of you who want a slightly bigger performance area this one is for you…


Height: 6”
Depth: 5 ½ “
Width: 9 ½ “
*All Sizes are approximate

Available in Red or Black Baize Finish and come in a Corduroy Bag for safe keeping & storage

See original Product Notes for the Small Edition for Background and Provenance…


This idea was inspired by a recent conversation with Patrick Page, who published an idea in 'Pabular' which used two wine glasses and a flat piece of board to create  an impromptu  raised up 'working' surface for close up magic around tables...Colin has taken this idea further by creating a complete and ready to use 'Close Up Table' which simply unfolds onto any Table or Bar surface...the signature appeal for this fabulous little accessory is that it can be folded up and kept in  your pocket!

This Brand New Magic Accessory does exactly what it says...this is a miniature 'Close Up Table' that you can bring out of your pocket!

Designed exclusively for the 'Close Up' & 'Table Workers'...simply walk up to the table of your choice and explain that you are going to do some magic...reach into your top pocket and instantly you have a perfect little table which can be placed right in front of your spectator...made from PETG High Grade Clear Perspex, the table area is the same size as a Jumbo Playing Card (4.5" x 7") and the hinged legs have been made to fold neatly back on themselves (flat folded width of 0.5"). The Hinges have been hand crafted in Aluminium and attached with steel rivets making this issue both strong & robust. The surface area has been finished with Black Baize giving it a stylish & contemporary appearance...after you have finished your performance, simply pick up the table fold the legs back and slip it right back into your pocket...all ready for the next table!

* For those of you who work in Bars & Night Clubs, this ingenious little table when placed onto the bar will prevent your cards getting wet & sticky...equally it can be used for a Chop Cup Routine and the Baize Top will keep your ball on top of the table and dry!


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