'The Shennong' Bran Vase


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The ‘Shennong’ Bran Vase
Classic Bran Vase

The Classic Bran Vase was a popular item around the 1920’s commonly available with Nickel Plated Vases made by Roterberg which transformed Confetti into live Guinea Pigs… Thayer also gave us beautiful Wooden Bran Vases with their distinctive ‘Shaker’ Style Turning using Millet & Bran to accomplish variety of transpositions & productions…the vase continued to be used in many different ways down through the years and Colin remembers Richiardi Jnr using a metal vase at the beginning of his ‘Chinese Rice Bowls’ whilst on tour in the 1970’s…


A stunning Vase is shown to be filled with Rice, the Rice is then poured into one of our Orange & Rice Vases which enables the Rice to disappear … The Magician draws our attention back to the original Rice Vase… now when the lid is removed the Vase is seen to be overflowing with Rice… the rice having passed from one Vase to another…


The Five of Hearts Orange & Rice Vase was our first issue where we used the Classic Design from Henri Garrenne (1836) but combined modern day materials & thinking to re-create this delightful effect and at the same time make it completely self-working and 100% effective for the modern day performer…once again Colin has taken a classic design for this Bran Vase and added his own method to work as a ‘Companion Piece’ for not only The Orange & Rice Vase but should you wish to extend this routine even further this can be done very easily by incorporating our Classic Drawer Box into your routine as well…


This new inclusion to our collection began life as a commission to work in conjunction with one of our Orange Vases …but don’t overlook this issue as simply a ‘companion’ to another trick, this delightful piece of Magical Apparatus will stand up just as well as a ‘Solo Performer’… standing approximately 13” in height it will draw attention before the magic begins… and take centre stage in your ‘Parlour Magic’ Performance… 100% Self-Working


The illustrated Vase is made from Iroko (African) with Gabon Ebony Finial also at the base of the Vase is the Ebony Five of Hearts Stamp for Provenance. Chinese Legend attributes the domestication of Rice to ‘Shennong’, the legendary Emperor of China and inventor of Chinese Agriculture from approximately 12,000 years ago so we have decided to call this brand new edition ‘The Shennong’ Bran Vase…Another Beautiful Collectable from the workshop of Colin Rose for you to use and enjoy…


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