Chalice Chop Cup *2nd Edition

Product Code: FOHM/FOH101

 Chalice Chop Cup *2nd Edition with added 'Loose Change Gimmick' on request...

For those of you who like to perform your Magic with a Story  or Theme then this latest Chalice Chop Cup is for you...we have combined the originalChalice Chop Cup with our classic'Loose Change' by adding the coin gimmick to this special edition you can now produce a stack of coins as your final load...this opens up a number of presentation ideas *Judas Escariot and the 30 pieces of Silver for Christian Magicalternatively the simple wooden Goblet is perfect for
Renaissance Fairs and Medieval Themed Performances...

This beautiful Cup takes its
inspiration from the Classic European Chalice & Goblet Designs from the 18th Century...normally produced in Pewter, this style lends itself very well to 'turning' as the stems and knops offer opportunities to segment various types of wood and showcase the turned shoulders and 'cuts' as the piece is extended...for this edition however we have kept it simple and understated allowing the woods to speak for themselves. Height 5.5" with a 3" opening *(Illustrated Edition made from Sapeli Mahogany)

You Receive:

Wooden Chalice Chop Cup *Woods Vary subject to availability
40m Final Load Ball *Gold
with Matching 30m Chop Cup Ball Set (2x)
And comes presented in our signature red/black corduroy bag

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