Magic Cake

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‘Magic Cake’

The ‘Music Hall’ has been a source of inspiration for ‘visual gag’s for many performers and is still a great resource today... If you can bring comedy into your performance you will never go wrong...
So, with this in mind we offer you this beautiful ‘cake’...Make it appear anyway you like...(* that old Dove Pan in your drawer that you never use would be ideal...) but whichever way it appears, the audience will admire your magic baking skills as from a short distance it will pass for a delicious light sponge cake. However you are a ‘Clumsy Cook’ and drop it onto the table with a heavy this sponge cake is a solid lump of turned wood!!

So come on ‘Spread a little Happiness’ with Colin’s Cakes...Children and Grown Up’s will love them!!

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