Cups & Balls Set(Walnut Edition)

Product Code: FOHM/FOH41

These Medium Sized Set of Cups have been turned in Walnut...a distinctive dark black grain runs through the multi layered wood, offering shades of brown from mink through to a rich chocolate...the dark vertical grains cover  the surface and enhance the overall appearance...The height of the cups is just under 3.75" with a generous opening of 2.75", the elegant & simple lines of the cups allow the natural beauty of the wood to speak for itself, a tapered design which follows through to the inside of the cup with a dome feature inside the cup... and a  matching reverse 'dimple' on the outside top. The Cups have a turned shoulder on the bottom edge, with a further matching shoulder just under halfway up the cup for perfect stacking. The turned shoulders have been 'finished ' with a pyrography detail...It must be said... this wood although beautiful does not have the weight or density of many exotics and as such the overall weight of these cups is lighter in the handling...this set will find equal admirer's from both 'Working Magician's' and Collectors...
offering an unusual wood,but with an original and distinctive element to this 'classic of magic' for those who relish the 'signature' of hand crafted turned wooden magic!

Presented in our Signature Red Corduroy Bag and Cream Ball Set.

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