Wind Up

Product Code: FOH/FOHM112

“Wind Up” The Companion Comedy Gimmick to ‘Balls Up’

Puppets and Children’s Entertainers are the perfect pairing…and a wonderful way to engage your young audiences, adding all sorts of ‘business’ and  important  interaction between the Magician and his cheeky assistant...

“The Magician is busy preparing for his next trick, when all of a sudden the Silk which is hanging over the side of his box suddenly and unexpectedly gets pulled into the box… the Children scream out to tell him that something very strange is going on…The Magician goes over to his box and pulls the Silk back out and leaves it hanging over the side as before…once again he goes off to get his next trick ready and again the Silk disappears into the box…by now the Children are going crazy…finally the Magician goes over to the box and discovers his naughty assistant who has been causing all the chaos…”
’Balls Up’…our first comedy gimmick which allowed you to bring your puppet to life by throwing balls out when the Magician was looking away added lots of performance opportunities and proved to be a great fun way to get lots of extra laughs from the children…now we bring you ‘Wind Up’  the latest of our Comedy Gimmicks designed especially for Children’s Entertainers and the  perfect ‘companion piece’ to work alongside ‘Balls Up’…this mechanical gimmick also fits neatly  inside your box and operates in a similar way, using a mechanical movement and small motor…easy to control … and you can have it as a ‘running gag’ or stop it and bring it back later in the Show if you prefer…

Another brilliant comedy gimmick to add ‘Controlled Chaos’  & ‘Magical Mayhem’ to your next Children’s Show bringing even more Fun, Laughter and all important engagement with your young Audiences…

Measures: Approximately 3 ½ “x 9 ½ “x 3 ½ “  
*…This means that Balls Up & Wind Up can sit alongside each other in your box
A9 Battery not included

Special Note:
Although this product has been developed with Children’s Magic in mind, the mechanism can be set up to pull from side to side opening up all sorts of possibilities for Séance, Parlour and General Magic Performance as well…

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