Toast to Harbin

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A Toast to Robert Harbin
* Limited Edition
Notes Reproduced with kind permission from ‘Alan Shaxon – The Sophisticated Sorcerer ‘
The Brand New Book by Scott Penrose & Steve Short



Robert Harbin was very enthusiastic about this latest edition to his repertoire when he left for his cruise which sadly proved to be his last in 1978. When the prop came in to my possession I added it to my own programme and despite it being very simple in its working it proved a very popular routine. It is best performed as a cabaret item while performing on a dance floor with music also being used to add to building to the finish.

The magician announces that he would like to reward the members of the audience who assisted during the show and he points to a large box isolated on the table. This box is said to contain a bottle of champagne. The box is locked with a large padlock which obviously requires a key to unlock it. Showing six keys the magician says that only one of them will open the box and he states that, “I believe that key number six will be tonight’s lucky key.” With the keys dropped in a small box, the magician goes amongst the audience inviting those who have participated in the show to take a key and come on to the dance floor to try and open the lock. Small processions of people try their luck, until the sixth person gets a key and tries the lock. The music builds up, the lock opens and number six gets the bottle of champagne!

Bottle of champagne
 * Box can be modified slightly upon requestto hold a Bottle of Whiskey if preferred



If six spectators are not used in the act then of course the presentation can be adapted for those who had not previously participated, leaving the one spectator who had proved the star of the act winning the prize.
Robert Harbin often advised against people trying to “improve” his effects. That said, I tried all sorts of different ways of losing the strange looking switch box, only to return to the original!

“…This particular Effect was kindly suggested by Scott Penrose as a perfect issue for me to make, the original was very much of its time and was made with lots of fablon, sparkly fabric & Aluminium Angle… the effect itself and the pure genius of Robert Harbin cannot of course be improved, but both Scott and myself felt that it could be improved by creating a more elegant and streamlined look which would bring this beautiful effect right up to date and create a real ‘showstopper’ for Stage, Cabaret & Corporate Presentations today…I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it …”

Colin Rose


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Alan Shaxon- The Sophisticated Sorcerer

The Brand New Book by Scott Penrose & Steve Short….

This book will be a wonderful addition to magician's libraries who entertain with close-up, stage, cabaret or children's entertainment.



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