The Victorian Parlour Table

Product Code: FOH/TC37

There is something quite ‘magical’ about a Magician who plays to an invited and intimate audience in the classic parlour style… where the guests are held captive by magic of a bygone era, this distinctive style of magic performance is enjoying a new renaissance…Hotel Soirees, Wedding Receptions and Private Residences are discovering all over again just how enjoyable and entertaining these ‘Evenings of Conjuring & Prestidigitation ‘ can be… what may have been written off as ‘Old Fashioned’ before is now the ‘New Wave’ and Classic Magic Apparatus & Accessories have never been more popular…

In keeping with this unique and highly stylised magic genre we have added this new table to our Collection which we feel is the perfect companion piece to any of our Classic Parlour/Stage Apparatus Effects…

The top of the table is a beautiful jointed drawer made in Mahogany; with ample room for cards, cups, coins, sponge balls etc…a quality Close Up Mat has been recessed into the top creating a solid and stable performance area, with extended moulding on the surrounding edges and Ebony Split Turning detail & Livery. The Table Stand has a solid steel rod at its heart, with a number of turned sections & balls threaded onto the rod to make up this highly decorative and stylised central stand. .. The ‘stepped’ circular base is constructed of three sections and painted black to compliment the Ebony Livery.

The table breaks down into three separate pieces and uses our signature steel fixings; each section comes in a protective bag and for ease in transportation & storage.

*This exquisite Table can be commissioned as a Single Unit or a Matched Pair, each table will differ slightly from the illustrated edition, and variations in the stand design can be discussed when ordering. The Table is predominantly Mahogany but different woods can be used for Livery and Detail Work if required making each Table unique & totally original for the owner.

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