The' Houdin' Wand

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* Last Summer we issued this beautiful Wand as a Limited Edition, but due to popular demand we have decided to add this to our 'Wand Collection' and make it available on the Website

“The Houdin Wand “

(*Gabon Ebony Replica with Acrylic Faux Ivory Trim)

One of our most illustrious Magicians of all time, Robert Houdin wrote in his book ‘Secrets of Conjuring and Magic (1877), which was then translated from French to English by Professor Hoffman; “The Magician’s Wand is generally a small ebony rod, with a rounded ivory tip at each end, its total length is about thirteen to fourteen inches”. Robert Houdin’s original wand is in the Houdin Museum in Blois and around the centre of this wand there is a piece of paper, written in his own hand in French translates the following message...”This Wand has served me in all the performances I have given during my entire artistic career”...affectionate confirmation indeed of just how important a wand is to a Magician.

Over the years much has been written about the ‘Magic Wand’, it has been chronicled in Freemasonry, Wicca, Ancient Egyptian Ceremonies & Burials, Shamanism, Drumming Sticks and even some Scholars have felt that its roots may have been associated with the symbol of the Phallus...for most of us though, a more modern interpretation of its use has been for a Stage Magician to use it as part of their ‘misdirection’ and they are in this context, traditionally black with white tips.

Length: 12” (Approx)

Presented in our Signature Red Corduroy Bag

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