The Equilibrium Wand

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The “Equilibrium” Wand



In life it is essential to find balance on all levels, emotionally, creatively and in our daily lives...the purpose being ultimately to find a state of equilibrium...not just in Life ...but for our Magic too!

Magicians have since the beginning of time used Wands to deflect our attention, enhance their performance skills, add flourish and finesse to movements we can only imagine we saw, or perhaps did not as the case may be ... but sometimes the Wands themselves conceal secrets and mysteries of their own that have been long forgotten in the mists of time and only when we re-visit them do we realise just how wonderful they really are...

This brand new wand comes to Five of Hearts by way of its introduction from our good friend Scott Penrose and his fabulous Antique Magic Wand Collection which features several spectacular issues that are not only rare but in some cases go so far back in our history that we can find no written word on them . This particular Wand is one of these but its method and ability to amaze and astound makes it impossible for us to ignore and not to take up the challenge and include it in our Collection of beautiful Hand Crafted Wands...
Although this wand is a classical piece of magic apparatus and will find its deserved place in any Wand Collection, it is robust and ready to perform to perfection in your Magic Shows...

•    Great for Children Shows
•    Using the theme of ‘Balance & Equilibrium’ it can be used in Corporate & Trade Themed Shows
•    Cabaret, Classic Parlour Shows
•    Comedy & Stage

“The Equilibrium” Wand comes with three 2” Billiard Balls ...One by One the Magician is seen to balance the balls one on top of each other, finishing with three balls balanced on the tip of the Wand. Once the three balls have been balanced, the Magician is seen to remove the centre ball sideways, leaving the top & bottom balls balanced on top of each other...thereby proving the absence of any trickery or deception.
A truly fabulous ‘prop’ that you can add your own’ bits of business’ to and create a number of different routines to add to your current Shows...

The Wand & Billiard Balls are presented in our Signature Red Corduroy Bags
Wand Length: Approx 12”
Billiard Balls 3 x 2” Mixed Colours

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