The Brandy Barrel Chop Cup

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“The Brandy Barrel” Chop Cup

In 2005 we created a unique and ‘once in a life time’ Collection called “The Trafalgar Collection”, where each piece celebrated the Characters, Places and Great Sea Battles related to Admiral Nelson & The Battle of Trafalgar…as part of the Collection, one of the issues was “The Victory Chop Cup” which commemorated the fact that Admiral Nelson’s body was brought back to England for the State Funeral which he so deserved after his death in that famous Sea Battle… in a brandy barrel!

We have been asked many times to re-create this issue, and to create a unique alternative to the ‘Classic’ Chop Cup and it’s possible performance and presentation…this opens up all kinds of creative opportunities for ‘Story Telling’ and final Loads etc…

The Chop Cups measure 3.5” in height, with a concave opening of 2.5” (approx)

These Issues have also been sized for ‘”Loose Change” Gimmicks…

Price: £85.00 *Burr Elm ( Commissioned Item Only Please E-Mail Prior To Ordering)

Price: £75.00 *Oak or Mahogany

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