Slimline Folded Card in Box

Product Code: FOH/FOHM 115

Slim Line Folded Card in Box
By Colin Rose
With Routine Ideas by Trevor Liley

Making a signed card’magically appear in a Box has long been a favourite of Magicians everywhere and like most good magic effects it is not new… there have been many Famous Magicians linked to this particular effect, each one adding a little something to the presentation & handling… Fred Kaps is the first name that comes to mind, although it is on record that he was initially shown the routine by Bruno Hennig … in 1985 Tommy Wonderpublished his version as ‘Card in The Ring Box’ in his ‘Books of Wonder’…

A spectator signs a card which is replaced in the Deck and subsequently disappears… Attention is drawn to a small wooden Box which has been in full view the whole time on the table. On opening this Box a folded playing card is seen inside and tipped out into the performers hand … where it is unfolded and to the utter astonishment of the on lookers, it is the ‘Signed Card’.

This new edition began as a ‘commission’ for our friend Trevor Liley, who wanted to perform ‘The Folded Card’ Routine but could not find a box that not only looked the part but delivered the all important magic as well…it measures approx 2 ½ “square with a slim line profile making it easy to put in your pocket… once again Colin has produced a beautiful ‘Jointed’ Box that delivers ‘The Magic’ and at the same time compliments a truly wonderful effect… the Box is presented in our Signature Corduroy Bag and comes with Routine Notes & Presentation ideas by Trevor Liley.

It should be said, to be absolutely clear that this is not ‘self- working’… in fact the Box is completely un faked, however the construction makes the final sequence run smoothly. If you are a seasoned card man then this is for you, if you are new to Card Magic then be prepared to put in some time, this will ultimately be rewarded once you have mastered ‘The Folded Card Routine’  and will become the highlight of your Show.


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