No Escape

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" No Escape"

(*Sometimes known as 'Electronic Escape' or 'Houdini Escape')

A Great Routine for the Stand Up Magician...this ‘escape’ gives you the opportunity to have some fun with your Audience and baffle them at the same time...

The Apparatus shown in the photograph is ‘as old as the hills’ a lot of the old classic routines they are simple to do and highly effective...instead of the more usual ‘spindly’ version  this version is made from nice chunky steel with heavy chains & locks...these look as though Houdini ,himself might have used them...

Here is what happens...

You invite two spectators onto the stage and explain that Houdini was the world’s greatest escape artist and that tonight you will replicate one of his most famous escapes using this fact ...”this is an exact replica of one used by the great man himself!”

“Sir ...would you please examine it for is very strong isn’t it?”... “And you Sir... would you please look inside this bag and make sure there are no keys or indeed anything that might assist me in my escape”... He looks inside the bag only to find a Hack Saw and a bunch of keys ... (Laugh from the Audience)... let’s get serious now...The Padlocks are attached to the chains and placed around your wrists, using the keys the padlocks are locked by the Spectators and there seems to be no way that you can get out. One of your Spectators is instructed to hold one of the loops attached to the bag, and then you ask the other volunteer to do the same. At this stage they are standing either side of you and you give them one last look at the situation, that being that your hands are locked securely inside the manacle by the chains and there is “NO ESCAPE”...

Now here is where the fun really plunge your hands into the bag and say that you will beat the best time Houdini ever did ...and that you will be out in about 15 minutes...all being well, BUT... then suddenly to everyone’s surprise one of your hands becomes free for a couple of seconds during which time you gesture and ask “ What’s the Time Please”...taking care to make sure that everyone sees your free hand waving around...When the laughter dies down you go back into the bag and come out again almost instantly completely chained up again.!! This is followed through several times each time being seen to have escaped momentarily and then completely locked up again. You can make of this what you will but each time you appear unchained this is a great opportunity for one liners, bits of business and some great interaction with both your Spectators and your Audience... all you need is a bit of ‘mime’, and timing to wait for the inevitable ‘laughs’ that are guaranteed with this tried & tested routine...This one really does tick all the boxes , very easy to do, packs small, plays big...however you use it ..It’s a winner!!

You Receive:

Bag, Manacle with soldered chains, two large Padlocks with keys & Routine Notes

*This product has been hand crafted by Colin Rose, all the component parts having been engineered to the highest quality

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