Jumbo Bag Clever

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“Jumbo Bag Clever” * This Issue has extra large bags to hand out..Ideal for Children's Entertainers

(A Variation on our Box Clever Routine by Wayne Dobson)

The Trick “Second Spot” by the late Maurice Fogel was ...and still remains a superb mentalist effect!

You Receive:

Five Corduroy Bags

One large Bag in which all the others can fit inside

Set Up:

The Bags are laid out onto the table and the order & position of the colours are known by you.

Stage Presentation:

Start by inviting five spectators up onto the stage and position them either side of you slightly apart from each other...hand each spectator a bag (*remembering who has got which colour) ...and ask each of them to place into their bag a small personal object...like a key or ring for example. Ask them to then draw up the bag tight to close it ....Explain that you do not wish to see them do this and that you will turn away whilst they do it, and ask them to inform you once they have finished. Have the person nearest you then collect all the closed bags and place them inside the large bag on the table... Now ask another spectator to open the large bag and pull out one of the smaller bags and pass it to you...open the bag and take out the object...as you do this you will note the colour of the inside of the bag which will immediately tell you who the object belongs to...continue this process until all the objects have been returned the rightful owner.

Note: As with Maurice Fogel’s original performance the emphasis of this effect is on the presentation, the bag is not important it is the object...and the amazing ability & skill of the Magician in revealing the true ownership of each of the objects...this can be performed with a serious ‘mind reading’ presentation or you can add your own ‘patter’ and ‘bits of business’ to make it a comedy routine with great audience participation and a whole lot of fun ....

You will find this is also suitable for more intimate performance venues but you should be mindful to keep your spectators slightly apart from each other so that they are not aware of the coloured linings, it is important for them to assume that all of the bags are the same.


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