Aluminium Trimmed Close Up Drawer (Small)

Product Code: FOHM/FOH09

Aluminium Trimmed Close Up Drawer (Small)

This is the second release of our popular ‘Close Up Drawer’, the first was issued as a Commission Only item as part of The Wayne Dobson’s A Kind of Magic, this new version has been given a contemporary look by using a polished aluminium edge, the box is jointed and the drawer corners are left exposed to showcase the warm shades of the Mahogany and the joints themselves…the drawer handle is made of ‘Bog Oak’ which was found locally and it has been carbon dated to circa 12,000 years old…this unique and rare material is half way between wood & coal and when turned takes a beautiful and highly polished finish. The Drawers are made up in two sizes, the larges measures approx 15” x 12” inches and the smaller version 12” x 7” inches, each has a black baize interior and will hold Coins, Card Boxes, Sponge Balls, Cards and all your close up needs…….the drawer when used in performance can be used to store your material, but when placed onto a table of performing surface it will focus your audience to the spot where the Magic is happening .

* Please Note this item has been discontinued for the moment, Colin has a new Edition and this will be listed on-line shortly...

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