Aluminium Lift Off Lid Table Duo

Product Code: FOH/FOHM 145

Aluminium Lift Off Lid Table Combo 'Duo'

You Receive in this 'Combo'
2 x Table Stands
1 x Drop Bag Attachment * Available in Red or Black  *Please specify when ordering your colour preference
1 x Large Aluminium Lift Off Lid Case with re-enforced infil and Steel Attachment fixed inside the Lid Section
1 x Faux Leather Table Stand Bag
1 x Faux Leather Bag for the Case

This brand new table meets all the requirements asked for with a few extras too...with a  beautiful Aluminium Finish designed to catch all the available light when on stage or working under lights...this table has been fitted with the same engineered steel fixing and we have re-enforced the inside of the case with a plywood base making the table even stronger...Also attached to the base is a very strong Velcro fixing which allows you to pack away one of your table stands in the faux leather bag included ,and place inside the box firmly when not in use or when travelling to & from your venue,the second table Stand comes with a Faux Leather Bag for storage when not in use... with lots of excess space to pack your magic props as well. Although this top is quite a bit larger than our 'Briefcase Table', it balances perfectly on the strong stand supplied, and when the rubber feet are suitably splayed the table is stable, strong and ready to 'perform'...

When in use the Top 'lifts off' and can be placed to one side during performance or placed on top and used as a performance area, the case is fitted with special hinges which allow the top to be completely removed...the beauty of this design means that you and your magic can be seen by your audiences and you are not obscured in any way, which is particularly good when entertaining Children... as with all our other tables this one can be used in conjunction with our Drop Bags, Linking Rings or side tables and work in perfect harmony for a well presented and organised show.

** Now with this very special 'Combo' Design you can use the Lid for a second table... the lid has been modified and fitted with one of our steel fixings and re-enforced ... this can be fixed onto the second stand provided giving you a second 'matching' table for your show if needed...two tables with one flexible case top to use as and when you need them or in conjunction with each other as your regular 'duo' Table Set.


Total Weight/Case : Approx 8 Kilos
Inside Dimensions: 19" x 16" x 5.5"
External Dimensions:  20" x 17" x 8" * Top On
* With the top Off: 20" x 16.5" x 6"

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